50th Northeast Bioengineering Conference

NEBEC 2024


The organizing committee of the 50th NEBEC is proud to announce
the following recipients of award recognitions at this year's meeting.  

Faculty Innovators 
Bethany Almeida, Clarkson University
Alexander Buffone, New Jersey Institute of Technology
John Drazan, Fairfield University
Yu Gan*, Stevens Institute of Technology
Amir Miri, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Theresa Raimondo*, Brown University
Melikhan Tanyeri, Duquesne University
David Truong*, New York University
Sebastian Vega, Rowan University
*presented 'spotlight' talk on Day 1

Young Scientist Awards
Kubra Akbas, Rutgers University
Ngoc Luu, New York University
Aleese Mukhamedjanova, Stevens Institute of Technology

Senior Design Awards
1st place: Pulse Pairit: Wireless Vital Monitoring for Neonates (Stevens Institute of Technology)
2nd place: Parkinplay: Affordable and Accessible Monitoring of Parkinson's Symptoms Outside of the Clinic (Columbia University)
3rd place: Vitaflow - Future Heart Preservation (University of Pennsylvania)

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